Sales terms and conditions (GTC)


Jmar runs the online store


Customer Service is available for any information or complaints every working day from 8.00 to 17.00 on telephone number ++39 049 9365141 or via THE CONTACT FORM

















Jmar is an artisan company that produces and sells its products through site. And 'possible to buy Jmar products via the internet, by phone or fax.
Jmar has no outlets in the area.
The general sales conditions aim to define the terms of sale between the Jmar company and the customer. The general sales conditions are valid starting from order confirmation and are valid for any purchase method chosen by the customer.


The customer with the confirmation of the order unconditionally accept the general terms and conditions pursuant to Art. 1326 and 1329 of the Italian Civil Code. The GTC describe the only applicable conditions. The purchase confirmed by e-mail, by phone or by fax will be subject to the same conditions. The GTC are always available for the customer directly on the website mentioned above, and if required by the customer can be sent by e-mail or fax.

The GTC are subject to change without notice and for this reason we recommend the customer to read them whenever you proceed to a purchase. If changes are text concerning the GCS at the date of the order.


All products for sale are conceived, designed and created by Jmar in the factory in Venice. Jmar deals firsthand the description and photographs of each product. If they arise the differences between the pictures published and the real object of these do not interfere in any way in the use of the product and does not bear any consequences on the main technical characteristics. And 'possible to ask for confirmation of the technical characteristics by contacting Customer Service by phone or via the contact form.

All products shown at the sites, unless otherwise indicated, are now available for purchase. It 'possible that exceptional cases lead to a depletion of stocks. in these cases it will take several days for the production. The Customer may at any time request further information to Customer Service.


The prices indicated on Jmar sites are the prices including VAT and do not include delivery costs. All prices are subject to change without notice based on changes in the costs of raw materials, supplies or otherwise.


When ordering, the customer must fill out a form with your data. The Customer is invited to provide real data and to re-read the form before the order confirmation. Jmar is not responsible if the customer provides incorrect or incomplete data.

The customer can cancel the order at any time before it is issued invoice or that the package has already been delivered to the carrier for shipment. In these cases the customer must accept the package and return it to its costs as indicated in paragraph 9. The customer can cancel the order by contacting Customer Service by phone or via the contact form.


During the order process the customer must indicate the method of payment. The order process will begin with the notification of payment except for cash on delivery. The payment must be unique and inclusive of all charges.

You secure payments to Jmarshop!

Each payment must be made in a lump sum including the purchase price and shipping cost.

All Jmar prices include Italian taxes (VAT of 22%)..


Invoice and taxation:

  • To individuals and companies with Italian VAT * is issued a bill of sale with Italian taxes (VAT of 22%).
  • Private non-Italians is issued bill of sale with Italian taxes (VAT of 22%).
  • To non-Italian companies will invoice without taxes **.

* Companies can deduct the cost according to the tax law.
** The country of destination will apply local taxes. 


Payment methods:


  • Credit card and Paypal
  • Bank transfer in advance
  • Mark



pagamenti sicuri


Jmar lets you pay with your credit card through the PayPal system


The circuits are accepted: Visa, Carta Si, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa Electron.


Do you have compelling reasons to choose the payment by credit card and Paypal:

  • Do not pay any fees.
  • The confirmation of your order is immediate.
  • The shipment of the order is quicker because you do not need to wait for the credit of our account.



Upon receiving accreditation will begin the preparation of the order. The accreditation must be submitted within 5 working days.

The data for the bank transfer:

CLAS srl

BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas

IBAN: IT11E0100502001000000001957


Reason: Serial number (#000xxx)


You can also pay directly to the courier at the time of the order that will only accept cash and / or checks.

(The extra costs of 9,00 €)




JMAR sends fast and safely on all over Europe.

This page lists all information regarding shipments:

  • Jmar shios only by express courier during working days.
  • Jmar sends to the address indicated.



Italy ITALY € 9.00

Europe CEE € 15.00




Jmar takes 5 working days to prepare the order. The courier takes on average 2 days for delivery in Italy and 2-7 days for delivery in Europe.

In some remote areas or islands can be a delivery delay.



Deliveries are made solely by means of international express courier on weekdays.

All orders made on Saturday and Sunday will be placed in preparation for the following Monday.

All orders placed after 12:30 pm will be made in preparation for the next day.

Jmar sent to the address specified by the customer.



  • Jmar packs and protect each product for safe transport.
  • Each product has a protective film.
    The boxes are reinforced
  • and filled with shock-resistant material.
  • Jmar is always attentive to the packaging of each product.



With these measures we have excellent results and excellent protection during transport.

Many products also have their specific packaging to protect the most delicate parts.




The products are delivered to the address indicated by the customer during the checkout process. And 'possible to indicate the precise delivery times to the carrier. If a package is delayed, the customer can ask questions to Customer Service via the contact form.

Upon receipt of the package the customer will have to sign a receipt to the courier. Jmar invites customers to double check the package before you sign. If you encounter any problems or damage on the package you must refuse it and contact Customer Service. Upon acceptance of the package the product is considered delivered and in good condition and can not be contested.


The customer must request a copy of the invoice to the Customer Services via the contact form or by telephone.


If the customer is a consumer (ie a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or does not make a purchase by indicating in the order form a reference to VAT), is entitled to terminate the purchase contract for any reason, without penalty.

Under Article. 64 et seq of Legislative Decree. N. 206/2005, if the customer is a consumer (ie a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or does the purchase by indicating in the order form a reference to VAT), is entitled to terminate the purchase contract for any reason without penalty and except as described in the following paragraphs.

To exercise this right, the customer must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 10 days from receipt of goods to: "Jmar - Via G. Pascoli 42 / L, 30020 Quarto d'Altino - Venice (IT)" containing:

  • Written and signed statement of intention to exercise the right of withdrawal indicating the item number / s / for which you request the withdrawal;
  • Copy of the original invoice (indicating the order number, invoice number and customer code);
  • bank on which to obtain the transfer (Cod. ABI - CAB - Current Account of the invoice);
The right of withdrawal is subject to the following mandatory conditions:
  • Il diritto si applica al prodotto acquistato nella sua interezza. Non è possibile esercitare recesso solamente su parte del prodotto acquistato.
  • Jmar, ai fini dell'applicabilità del diritto di recesso nel contratto a distanza come previsto dal D.Lgsl. 206/2005, informa il cliente che il bene compravenduto sarà da intendersi sostanzialmente integro, ai sensi dell'art.67 c.2 D.Lgsl. 206/2005, solo in caso di mancata infrazione o apertura da parte dell'acquirente della relativa confezione;
  • Il bene acquistato dovrà essere integro e restituito nella confezione originale, completa in tutte le sue parti (compresi imballo ed eventuale documentazione e dotazione accessoria: manuali, cavi, ecc...); per limitare danneggiamenti alla confezione originale, raccomandiamo, quando possibile, di inserirla in una seconda scatola, sulla quale apporre il numero di RMA (codice di autorizzazione al rientro) rilasciato da "Jmar ".
  • Va evitata in tutti i casi l'apposizione di etichette o nastri adesivi direttamente sulla confezione originale del prodotto;
  • Il bene soggetto a esercizio del diritto di recesso deve riportare lo stesso numero di matricola presente in fattura di vendita. Qualora il bene dovesse riportare un numero di matricola diverso da quanto segnalato in fattura, il reso non verrà accettato e il prodotto sarà messo a disposizione del Cliente per la sua restituzione, contemporaneamente annullando la richiesta di recesso;
  • Le spese di spedizione relative alla restituzione del bene sono a carico del cliente;
  • La spedizione, fino all'attestato di avvenuto ricevimento nel nostro magazzino, è sotto la completa responsabilità del cliente;
  • In caso di danneggiamento del bene durante il trasporto, Jmar darà comunicazione al Cliente dell'accaduto (entro 5 giorni lavorativi dal ricevimento del bene nei propri magazzini), per consentirgli di sporgere tempestivamente denuncia nei confronti del corriere da lui scelto e ottenere il rimborso del valore del bene (se assicurato); in questa eventualità, il prodotto sarà messo a disposizione del Cliente per la sua restituzione, contemporaneamente annullando la richiesta di recesso;
  • Jmar non risponde in nessun modo per danneggiamenti o furto/smarrimento di beni restituiti con spedizioni non assicurate;
  • Il bene soggetto a esercizio del diritto di recesso deve rientrare nei nostri magazzino entro 10gg solari dalla data di autorizzazione al rientro, dopo tale termine la spedizione sarà respinta e contemporaneamente annullata la richiesta di recesso
  • Nel caso di decadenza del diritto di recesso, "jmar" provvederà a restituire al mittente il bene acquistato, addebitando allo stesso le spese di spedizione.
Without prejudice to any repair costs for damage to the original packaging and / or internal packaging (cellophane, cans, etc.), Jmar will refund the customer the full amount of the returned goods within 30 days of return of goods, by transfer of the amount charged to your credit card or by bank transfer.



Valid commercial guarantee 12 months on all products. To be able to make free use of the product support services must be covered by the warranty and must be received by the company Jmar original packaging. In order to verify the warranty circumstance Jmar, at any time, you may request the document of purchase of the product. In case of non-availability of this document, the assistance will be considered out of warranty and, therefore, the service shall be deemed to be borne by the customer. In the event that the guarantee object has suffered damage caused by improper use of the same due to Customer assistance will be considered out of warranty, then, the service shall be deemed to be borne by the customer. The products, as indicated above, are guaranteed 1 year unless otherwise noted. The company JMAR charges the customer the shipping costs of the goods covered by the guarantee in the customer journey to Jmar; Jmar shall bear the cost of transport in the path of the good subject to guarantee by Jmar to the customer. The warranty terms may vary from product to product.

  • When you apply the warranty: If you have faults (defects) on goods purchased failures caused by protracted. Protects the customer from the wear and tear of the property for the operation effect. The warranty claim is not valid if the damage was caused by improper use of the product. Found the defect during the months of validity of a commercial guarantee (12 months), Jmar will repair at his own expense (excluding any freight charges). All returned parts become the property of Jmar. The warranty period will not be extended to replace the product or any part thereof.
  • Ways to make a warranty claim: E 'valid any document relating to the purchase of the product which is to preserve and present to the vendor at the time to enforce the security right. It 'not recommended by the customer open manipulate or doing anything that might jeopardize your warranty rights.
  • Safety: Jmar observes all possible precautions to ensure the confidentiality of the orders and payments. The stage payment on site is protected by 1024-bit certificate. For these reasons Jmar disclaims any liability for the loss of personal data of the Customer.


Money Back Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied or if Jmar made a mistake you can return an item easily and fast. Do not forget that you can always avail assistance Jmar for 12 months after purchase.

The guarantee 30 day money back guarantee does not apply to customized products or customized as business cards.

  • To return an item, select it directly from your personal area:
printPrint the docketprintPrepares the packageprintSend

What to do if:

arrThe item was damaged during transportRTdKr4BAc.pngt 'possible that the contents of a parcel is damaged during transport. In this case you can return the products within 30 days.
arrEvidence of defects in the article within 30 days RTdKr4BAc.pngFrom the moment you receive the product you have 30 days to return and get a refund or replacement.
arrDo you want to support in the article after 30 days of purchaseRTdKr4BAc.pngSince every product has a 12 month service so that it can be repaired or replaced.
arrYou received an item different from that requiredRTdKr4BAc.pngYou can return the wrong item within 30 days. You can ask for a refund or replacement.



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Jmar is a CLAS srl property brand

Via Giovanni Pascoli 42/L
30020 Quarto D'Altino, Venice, Italy

Venice Company Register: REA 402881
VAT and Tax Code: 04336290277