Product care


Protective film

Each product is handcrafted by staff Jmar. The transparent film protects the material during all operations. This maintains the brilliance of the product.

Remove the protective film from each product. This covers a side of the material. Use your fingers to remove it starting from one corner.


Product cleaning

Wash the acrylic material only with running water. If you want you can use the detergent. Then gently dry the surfaces with a soft cloth. For example, a microfiber cloth. This is like a computer monitor or television screen.

So be careful not to use alcohol or solvents which can ruin the transparency of the material.


Heat sources

The acrylic material is sensitive to heat greater than 60 ° C.

Do not put the products in acrylic near radiators, heaters, fireplaces or other heat sources.


Nature respect

Acrylic material is a recyclable plastic. Do not pollute! Drop old Acrylic glass in plastic dedicated containers.