Statement Web Cookies

This site uses the functionality of web cookies and is owned by JMAR sas.

The use of this is to improve the experience of its members.

This information is valid for addresses and www.jmarshop.com www.jmar.it, websites of JMAR sas. in the granting of consent to the installation of cookies for both sites on the interaction between them and, in particular, the possibility for the user to navigate from one site.


A "cookie" is a text file string that a user visited website sends to your terminal (computer, mobile device as a smartphone or tablet), it is stored and then transmitted back to the site during a subsequent visit to the site same.


Cookies are distinct from one another:

- According to the person who installs them: depending on whether the same or a different subject visited the site operator.

- According to the purpose of each cookie Some cookies allow better navigation, storing some user selections, such as language, other types of cookies allow you to track user navigation even for the purpose of sending advertising and / or offer services in line with their preferences.


The Jmar Internet sites also use cookies technical, analytical and advertising.

On the occasion of the first visit to the sites, you can accept all cookies and / or read the information via the proposed link.

In any case on the lower side of the page it is always present on the link to the page of the valid rules.

The cookie rule is valid for all web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and all other existing still.

For each browser is available page and documentation relating to legislation.



Cookies are only used in order to "make a transmission of a communication over an electronic network, or as strictly necessary for the supplier to an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide the service."



Cookies are used by third parties (even in a disaggregated), acts to the management of statistics. Their main purpose is to collect information relating to your use of the site by its users to improve their navigation and so the experience.

To be clear, all data collected are anonymous and relate to:

  • Number of visitors and page view.
  • Navigation within the site (views and order pages).
  • Effectiveness of web campaigns (acquired traffic).
  • Displaying and purchased and details of them.


They are cookies that are used for the delivery of advertising based on interest expressed by the user through the navigation and a determined search by users who visited the site previously.

In this cookie types are collected data as:

  • Demographic information based on pages viewed, displayed products and purchases.
  • Analysis and study of purchases after clicking on banner or a spontaneous seeking.

The main aims on the collection of such data are:

  • Display banners and ads based on user research in other sites.
  • Enrichment of the reports about the development of advertising campaigns.
  • improving user experience with respect to redundancy announcements.



independent owner of data collected through cookies to the first part installed through www.jmarshop.com site JMAR sas., based in Italy, Via Giovanni Pascoli 42 / L in Quarto D'Altino in the province of Venice.

independent owner of data collected through cookies to the first part installed through www.jmarshop.com site JMAR sas., based in Italy, Via Giovanni Pascoli 42 / L in Quarto D'Altino in the province of Venice.

With reference to the sites operated respectively, holders report that:


  • the data is collected only for the purposes and for the duration indicated in the table above and are processed by computerized means;
  • the use of such cookies ( "technical") does not require the prior consent as this is necessary to enable cookies to browse through the sites and the proper functioning of the same. In case of removal of the technical cookies through the browser settings, the navigation through the sites could not be, in whole or in part, can;
  • the collected data may be disclosed to persons acting on behalf of each holder as managers or processors, for purposes related to those described above;
  • the user may exercise the rights under Art. 7 of the Privacy Code (such as, for example, the updating, correction, integration or deletion of personal data processed in violation of the law), as more fully described in the Information on the processing of personal data is available by selecting the link "Privacy "in the footer of the pages of each site, writing an email, depending on the site concerned, to: info@clas-industry.com