Double sided Acrylic Display

Acrylic display on plexiglass with front and back visual.

Table photo frame handmade blend, with visual in two sides and available in 10 different sizes with thickness of 2 mm.

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EUR 1.72

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Table double sided photo frame on plexiglass!

JMAR has created a display of simple and elegant design, ideal for numbering the tables of your restaurant or expose information, price lists and menus for shops and bars.

The double-sided display function allows front and back by entering easy dell'apposita pocket.

Thanks to the warm fold of acrylic plexiglass material, this frame is very durable, transparent and guarantees excellent vision without blurring.

Available in 10 different sizes of horizontal and vertical (thickness 2 mm):

055 x 075 mm A6 - 150 x 100 mm (horizontal)A5 - 210 x 150 mm (horizontal)A4 - 300 x 210 mm (horizontal)A3 - 420 x 300 mm (horizontal)
075 x 095 mmA6 - 100 x 150 mm (vertical)A5 - 150 x 210 mm (vertical)A4 - 210 x 300 mm (vertical)A3 - 300 x 420 mm (vertical)


JMAR Each product is handcrafted by our staff, during machining ALWAYS apply a film (transparent or white protective system) to maintain its shine and ensure their safety. Remember to remove it :)


To clean the plexiglass you should only wash the product with water (or a detergent aggressive NOT), then wipe gently with a soft cloth (eg. Microfiber). Careful not to use alcohol or solvents as they may scratch the plexiglass transparency.

referenceDimensioni Portafoto Bifaccialeby 1by 20by 50by 100
002716055 x 075 mmEUR 1.72EUR 1.31EUR 1.17EUR 1.03
002717075 x 095 mmEUR 2.16EUR 1.64EUR 1.47EUR 1.30
002719150 x 110 mm - horizontal A6EUR 4.51EUR 3.43EUR 3.07EUR 2.71
002718110 x 150 mm - vertical A6EUR 4.51EUR 3.43EUR 3.07EUR 2.71
002721210 x 150 mm - horizontal A5EUR 7.28EUR 5.54EUR 4.95EUR 4.37
002720150 x 210 mm - vertical A5EUR 7.28EUR 5.54EUR 4.95EUR 4.37
002723300 x 210 mm - horizontal A4EUR 14.51EUR 11.02EUR 9.86EUR 8.70
002722210 x 300 mm - vertical A4EUR 14.51EUR 11.02EUR 9.86EUR 8.70
002725420 x 300 mm - horizontal A3EUR 26.33EUR 20.01EUR 17.90EUR 15.80
002724300 x 420 mm - vertical A3EUR 26.33EUR 20.01EUR 17.90EUR 15.80