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Acrylic photo frame classic

Vertical and horizontal acrylic photo frames. Clear acrylic plastic. Cheap photo frames for communications, menu, commercials, prices, signs and more. Easy and very affordable.

Choose from various sizes available!

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EUR 1.09

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Save money and still get your acrylic display

  • Compatible with popular photo sizes as A3, A4, A5, A6
  • Acrylic glass durable and very shiny
  • The most affordable plastic photo frames
  • You can use it for a lot of applications: menus, prices, lists, signs and more
  • Choose between horizontal and vertical
Cheap display for desktop

Clear desktop frame

The acrylic photo frame is useful for the photo of your children on your desk! Acrylic glass is a valuable matherial. It fits perfectly to classic and modern style.

Embellish your home or your office

If you like the modern-day acrylic decor and the stunning clear design the free standing contemporary picture frames could be the greatest solution for your home, your office or your work spaces.
cheap display for prices and signs

A picture display in the window

Use the acrylic photo frame to better explain your products and outline prices. Featured on the bench, on the shelf: all places are suitable. A picture communicates better than words.

They indicate prices and informations among the shelves

Put the frames between the shelves and remind your customers offers and special promotions. They are easy to move because they are very light and if you need to change informations just change the photo!
referenceDimensioni portafotoby 1by 20by 50by 100
000440075 x 095 mm - verticalEUR 1.44EUR 1.09EUR 0.98EUR 0.86
000004055 x 075 mm - verticalEUR 1.09EUR 0.83EUR 0.74EUR 0.65
000005115 x 160 mm - verticalEUR 2.56EUR 1.95EUR 1.74EUR 1.54
000006155 x 185 mm - verticalEUR 3.46EUR 2.63EUR 2.35EUR 2.08
000028180 x 240 mm - verticalEUR 4.97EUR 3.78EUR 3.38EUR 2.98
000595150 x 210 mm - vertical A5EUR 3.71EUR 2.82EUR 2.52EUR 2.23
000014 210 x 300 mm - vertical A4EUR 7.73EUR 5.88EUR 5.26EUR 4.64
000026115 x 130 mm - verticalEUR 1.99EUR 1.51EUR 1.35EUR 1.19
002422300 x 420 mm - vertical A3EUR 20.13EUR 15.30EUR 13.69EUR 12.08
002308075 x 055 mm - horizontalEUR 1.09EUR 0.83EUR 0.74EUR 0.65
000030160 x 115 mm - horizontalEUR 2.56EUR 1.95EUR 1.74EUR 1.54
000639185 x 155 mm - horizontalEUR 3.46EUR 2.63EUR 2.35EUR 2.08
000596 210 x 150 mm - horizontal A5EUR 3.71EUR 2.82EUR 2.52EUR 2.23
000459240 x 180 mm - horizontalEUR 4.97EUR 3.78EUR 3.38EUR 2.98
000066300 x 210 mm - horizontal A4EUR 7.73EUR 5.87EUR 5.26EUR 4.64
002423420 x 300 mm - horizontal A3EUR 20.13EUR 15.30EUR 13.69EUR 12.08
000227130 x 180 mm - verticalEUR 2.93EUR 2.23EUR 1.99EUR 1.76
000277180 x 130 mm - horizontalEUR 2.93EUR 2.23EUR 1.99EUR 1.76
003593130 x 115 mm - horizontal A6EUR 1.99EUR 1.51EUR 1.35EUR 1.19
000016100 x 150 mm - verticalEUR 2.05EUR 1.56EUR 1.39EUR 1.23
000163150 x 100 mm - horizontalEUR 2.05EUR 1.56EUR 1.39EUR 1.23
004995095 x 075 mm - horizontalEUR 1.44EUR 1.09EUR 0.98EUR 0.86