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COVID screen

The article is made of transparent plexiglass 5mm thick.

The screen simply mounts with 2 interlocking feet, it is very easy!
Slightly inclined inwards to ensure greater stability.

Choose from 5 available formats.

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EUR 56.00

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it is available in 4 standard formats with 2 heights (67 and 75 cm) and 4 widths (50 - 67 - 75 -100 cm) plus a format specifically designed for the workbench of beauty centers, manicures and nail reconstruction.

 These dimensions allow for "DROPLETS" protection, minimizing the cold detachment that is created between people when installing a classic transparent barrier with brackets, screws and bolts.

 Our screen is imperceptible, has a minimum weight and a small footprint.

 The feet are only 15 cm deep and, once stuck, remain fixed thanks to a small spring system.

 You can move it from the desk to the desk and reposition it several times without fear, it has been studied and sized with criteria to offer maximum comfort.


 is a JMAR article produced in Venice - MADE IN ITALY.


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DOWNLOAD  PDF in the attached sheet, you will have the information to keep the plexiglass always beautiful as new

  • useful information
    CARE OF THE ACRYLIC PRODUCT : Each JMAR product is processed with a protective film on the surface. this operation guarantees the right final quality . Remember to remove film before use.HOW TO CLEAN A PLEXIGLASS PRODUCT: wash product only with clean water and NON-aggressive soap. dry gently with a soft cloth (eg MICROFIBER) CAUTION !!! DO NOT USE ALCOHOL or SOLVENT, they could ruin the transparent surface and cause edges of the plexiglass to crack.
referencedimensione schermiby 1by 5by 10by 20
005706500x750 mm verticaleEUR 56.00EUR 53.20EUR 50.40EUR 44.80
005707670x750 mm verticaleEUR 75.00EUR 71.25EUR 67.50EUR 60.00
005708750x670 mm orizzontaleEUR 75.00EUR 71.25EUR 67.50EUR 60.00
0057091000x670 mm orizzontaleEUR 99.00EUR 94.05EUR 89.10EUR 79.20
005711600x560 orizzontale per manicureEUR 56.00EUR 53.20EUR 50.40EUR 44.80