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Acrylic plate stand display

Acrylic counter display, acrylic bookholder or acrylic stand for many of your products. It's a fantastic plate holder also used for books, drawings, pictures, decorated tiles and other similar items.
The clear acrylic glass is shaped with laser. Every edge is bright and shiny. It's durable and it's made to bear quite heavy items. Excellent finish.

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EUR 2.00

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Counter display for a lot of products

  • Versatile, userfriendly and lightweight
  • Acrylic strong and durable. Its special design gives it an extraordinary strength and make it suitable for a large number of different products.
  • Save your space with this acrylic stand: It uses the minimum surface to display your products
  • It easily displays books, decorated plates, colored tiles, CD / DVD and more

Your books in the spotlight, and even more

The acrylic holder you don't see. Get a perfect display for your product without using bulky showcases or massive iron stands. This elegant stand is easy to use and it has a modern touch. You will save space because it is usually smaller then product. Not only decorative plates, but also books, pictures, colored tiles or CDs and DVDs.
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